Phoenix School Of Martial Arts


Phoenix SMA offers Freestyle TaeKwando classes for children and adults alike in both separate and mixed or family classes. If your goals include getting fit, losing weight, increasing confidence and learning new skills, then Phoenix School of Martial Arts is the place for you. Whether you want to learn basic self-defence, or get involved with sparring and breaking, your Taekwondo training will be perfect over as many sessions as suits your lifestyle.


We now also offer 2 additional programmes:


Self Defence Systems (SDS) – Combining techniques from a number of Martial Arts to make a unique system.

KIKFIT – Using particular techniques from a number of Martial Arts programmes and practising them at high intensity for quick periods to get the heart rate up but also develop muscle memory.

Freestyle TaeKwanDo classes here Saturday mornings:

9am-9:55am  (3-11yrs White & Yellow belt)

10:00am-10:55am  (5-11yrs Orange & Black belt)

11am-12noon (Youth & Adults All Ranks)


For more information or to book a class Call James on: 07990020924 or Email or visit